John Bruce

Investment Advisor, CIM ®
Research Capital Corporation
Ottawa, Ontario

Each client has specific needs and different requirements with their finances. Whether you are just starting to invest or are experienced and knowledgeable, my approach looks at the total financial picture, encompassing Investments, debts and assets, Insurance and estate planning.

For clients that are young in their investment experience, I start with a comprehensive look at how their finances are structured, how they utilize debt and what their savings and investment experience has been. I then create a simple yet comprehensive strategy that addresses debt management, insurance and investing. Following these instructions, they will find themselves debt free and building wealth years sooner then they might have otherwise.

For clients that have a basic understanding of the principles of saving and investing, my approach is to review their existing investments and to build on assets they have acquired. I introduce more sophisticated investment techniques that may involve the strategic and conservative use of equity options to protect downside and maximize upside potential while generating additional income.

For seniors and retirees, I look at their lifestyle demands and we mutually decide on an investment strategy that takes into consideration the financial needs they will have through their golden years, and balance growth with safety.

I am a licensed Investment Advisor (Options) and am pleased to serve clients in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Quebec. I am also bilingual (French).

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