I was born and raised in Montreal and moved to London, Ontario in the late 70’s to attend University of Western Ontario. When I finished in 1981, there was a shortage of opportunities for Political Science/History grads, and my prospects were few. Like so many at that time, I ventured west to seek my fortune and soon found myself working for a cattle rancher that taught me how to use the commodity markets to hedge feed costs. He also showed me how to lock in selling prices for his cattle on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with the use of Futures Commodity Contracts. This was my first exposure to the use of technical analysis in trading, and is the primary influence in my approach to investing today, coupled with quality fundamental research.

After several years, I returned to South Western Ontario, and started a small Insurance Brokerage selling accident, sickness and life insurance to farmers. My business prospered quickly and I sold my company to a competitor and moved to Toronto, where I then got into Executive Recruitment. I grew my company “John Bruce Management Consulting” into a recognized procurer of top talent in the Pharmaceutical, Clinical Diagnostics and Medical/Surgical Devices industries.

Throughout the 80s and 90s I continued to sharpen my trading skills and focused on the commodity markets trading on my own account until 1997, when I was offered an opportunity to start as a Futures Commodity Broker with a U.S. company that was opening in Toronto. After sharpening my teeth in the commodity arena, I joined CIBC World Markets (Wood Gundy) and expanded my investing to include Equities and Options. In 2002, I joined Research Capital, and then moved to Ottawa in November 2007 to open a Sub Branch and develop business in the nation’s capital.

My client base is as diverse and unique as my personal history, including all levels of law enforcement, salespeople, entrepreneurs, trades people, teachers, medical professionals and scientists. I advise on trust accounts, students and retirees’ funds and my focus is on showing individuals, couples and families how to manage debt and create wealth by giving them back control of their finances and helping them prepare for their future.